Chen Wenling: The  Suspence

Chen Wenling is one of China’s youngest and most well known sculptors. Each year he puts all his time and effort into a large scale sculpture installation, therefore each year the Chinese contemporary art world waits in anticipation for Chen Wenling’s solo show. Last year his gigantic installation Emergency Escape opened as the American economy collapsed. It was a comical and cynical representation of Bernie Madoff therefore being a perfect image for international mainstream media. 2009

60 Sekunden mit Björn Krause.

Der Teaser zur ersten Folge Rostock-Rotates, die übrigens am 26.05.2014 kommt.

60 segundos con Björn Krause. 

El teaser para el primer episodio Rostock-Rotates, que viene en 26/05/2014.

60 seconds with Björn Krause. 

The teaser for the first episode Rostock-Rotates, which incidentally comes on 26.5.2014.